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  • Different slab track systems, such as LVT, Slab Track Austria (STA), Rheda 2000, IVES, etc.
  • Mass-Spring Systems
  • Custom designed railway tracks
  • Transition Zones between different track systems
  • 3rd rail layout for Metro Systems
  • Bill of quantities
  • Design Management
  • All project stages (tender design, preliminary design, detail design, as-built documentation)


  • Engineering consulting for railway projects
  • Interpretation of project reports
  • Advise for railway track design
  • Assistance to project management
  • Assistance in Validation and Verification for the Technical Safety


  • Structural analysis
  • Design drawings for all project stages
  • Design reports and lists
  • Functionality of railway tracks
  • All design stages
  • Cat 3 check (United Kingdom)