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Metro Copenhagen

Metro Copenhagen:

We are planning the slab track in the LVT Standard or LVT-HA system for the new 4.6 km long city route, Cityringen, Branch off to Sydhavnen. The track is located completely in the tunnel.

On behalf of Metroselskabet (MS), the subway network in Copenhagen will be expanded to include the Cityringen project. Part of this project is the 4.6 km long branch off to Sydhavnen. This section is located entirely in the tunnel and consists of 5 stations and 2 scissor crossovers. The railway tracks are designed by Schembera Consulting ZT using the track system LVT HA as well as a Mass-Spring System. Also the 3rd rail layout in tunnel, stations, flood gate areas and scissor crossovers was designed in the detail design phase.

The Permanent Way subsystem was designed by Schembera Consulting ZT on behalf of Rhomberg Bahntechnik GmbH. DI Bernhard Schembera is the Design Manager and Technical Director, responsible for the subsystems Permanent Way (PW), Traction Power (TP), Power Supply (PS) and Local SCADA (LS).

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